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Baby Weaning Workshop

Start using the power of relaxation during your pregnancy. Designed for you to listen as you fall asleep, to helps you tune into your body and let any sore or tense spots melt away. Practice makes perfect, so start to incorporate into your routine. Relaxation is a wonderful way to start listening to your body and let go of that cortisol. 

Birth Trauma Support

Book onto my next live Intro to Hypnobirthing Event. You’ve heard the phrase thrown about. You’re a little intrigued but worried it’s a bit weird or that your birth partner will think you’ve lost it. Try this online introduction to meet me properly and understand a little bit more about why hypnobirthing is just the thing you need to be including in your birth planning.

EFT Session Birth Trauma

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EFT Session Birth Trauma

Feeling like you should be doing something to get yourself ready for your birth but not sure what? Thinking that a hypnobirthing course might be right up your street, but you want a little flavour before you commit. Download this 20 minute video where I talk you through what to expect and why the workshop is so fabulous.


Hi, I’m Steph…

Lover of cake, a good cup of tea and the sea. My happy place. Oh and the big one, I am also a trained hypnobirthing facilitator, therapist and EFT Practitioner.

I believe that every woman should be able to find a useful, independent message about the options they have to birth.  I think women find their power when surrounded by supportive peers, listening to their gut instincts.

If you are reading this, starting to anticipate your own birth and wonder how it will unfold…Know that just as every person is different, every birth is your personal experience and one that should be embraced without fear. We are constantly barraged with messages telling us to be scared, that our body is built to fail and our instincts are wrong. My work is about giving you the information you need to actually understand your wonderful body and how it works. To be your personal cheerleader and to help you nagivagte the someytyimes complex maternity system that is surrouded in myths and differing opinions. I want to help you plan for your birth experience, so that ultimately you feel in control and powerful and have an experience that is a positive one. What I am offering you is the opportunity to learn practical techniques to use to beforehand and on the day so you feel amazing, rather than just winging it.

My Workshops

Are safe spaces for you to ask lots of questions and spend some quality time focusing on you. Whether you are completing your hypnobirthing course and we are chatting all things birth, or you are sat with your baby on your knee starting to think about giving them food for the first time, I want to provide you with lots of reassurance and ideas to make the information work for you. 

I want you to leaving feeling informed and confident. I want you to have your questions answered and know what reputable sources are out there if you want more reading. If you are starting to feel scared about the next step, out of control or tired of hearing other people’s conflicting opinions or birth horror stories (which are only making you feel worse!) you are in the right place.

Being a parent is a big deal, you want to get it ‘right.’ And because of this, it often becomes really overwhelming. Let us work through the good, the bad and the ugly of all the information out there so you can find clarity and ditch the sense of doom.

Check out the blog, get social in my Facebook group or on Instagram and try out some of the techniques to find out what is right for you to make your birth experience and beyond something that you remember fondly

I’m pregnant…Hypnobirthing though, does it actually work?

Good question. Here’s the low down – Hypnobirthing uses lots of relaxation techniques and focus exercises to allow you to keep your attention on the wonderful experience of childbirth rather than feeling scared and frightened that your baby is exiting your body! At times having a baby has become a sterile, isolated experience; you see friends and family disappear through the doors of the maternity unit only to hear horror stories of the evils they faced once in there.

Research shows that when we fear an event, our body responds with the fight, flight or freeze reflex. This sends a cocktail of hormones into the body, signalling stress and fear. A mother’s innate instinct is to birth her baby into a safe and calm environment, so this fear inhibits the natural birthing process and you start working against your body.

Know that you should be in the driving seat, your birth is all about you. And hypnobirthing teaches practical ways for you to stay calm and relaxed to work with your body, so that you feel completely comfortable and ready to trust your instincts and therefore have a more positive experience. Your body knows what to do and part of the process is learning to trust this.

I am also a realist and I am passionate about women knowing all their options. Epidural is not a forbidden word…I am not advising you must forgo all medical support and give birth in a cave (Unless that’s your thing!) What I am saying is the more information you have about your options and the whys behind those options, the better prepared you are and therefore the less scary the experience becomes.

For the record for the births that I’ve known that have utilised a C-section, parents have reported that hypnobirthing still really helped them and allowed them to remain calm and focused during the birth. Winning! And secondly: generally, the mothers I work with don’t need lots of pain relief and medication, because they are totally owning all by themselves.

Pregnant? Start Here…

There is no right or wrong time to start hypnobirthing or antenatal sessions. The general rule of thumb is the earlier you learn, the more time you have for practice; therefore, the more confident you will become in using the techniques and the more natural it will feel. People generally start sessions around the 24 week mark because you’re pregnant enough that your birth starts to feel a little more real, but not so pregnant that your diary is still flxeibl and you have lots of time to practice. I started working with one mum 4 weeks before she was due to give birth and she still reported brilliant results, so it depends completely on the person. 

Group Hypnobirthing Workshop

Pregnant? Terrified? Completely baffled by all the different bits of information out there? Perhaps you’ve heard rumours about the mythical women who actually enjoyed their births but unsure how this is even possible?

I am the sports psychologist for birth. Join this full antenatal course designed to equip you with everything you need to know for a positive birth. Focusing on letting go of any birthing fears, building your confidence, relaxation techniques and practical stuff you can do to have the experience you want.

Feel like you would prefer a little more of the personal touch? How about the full hypnobirthing course delivered directly from the comfort of your own home?

1-1 workshops are a lovely way to really get to the bottom of your particular fears and anxieties about birth. The sessions are devoted to you, so we can focus on your birth plan and practicing lots of techniques to support you through your birth experience. A lovely way for you and your birth partner to complete the sessions together, you will leave feeling confident and excited.

This session is all about taking some time out for you and your bump. Aimed at pregnant people, you will enjoy some lovely guided relaxation from me to help calm your mind and reset your body. There will then be time at the end of the class to sit, talk, enjoy a cuppa, some cake and have a friendly chat about birth and babies to resolve any questions that are rolling round in your head about your birth.

My goal is for these sessions to be super warm and friendly, with lots of helpful information smushed in.

Feeling pushed for time but desperate to feel prepared going into your birth? Maybe your maternity leave has started and you are ready to get clued up.

This workshop is perfect for you. Designed to give you a condensed highlights, without compromising on quality of information to help you feel confident and ready to birth your baby. 

New Baby? This Is For You….

Well done Mumma. You have birthed your beautiful baby and are probably now completely overwhelmed with how much that was just the first step! You are doing an amazing job. Here are some of the other bits I run to help you find your feet

Baby Weaning Workshop

Is your baby 3-6 months old? Are you starting to think about weaning? Feeling totally clueless and unsure where to start?

Then this is a perfect workshop for you. If you are unsure if your little one is ready, want to know the difference between baby led and purée weaning, what’s safe to give your baby, what you should avoid and lots of ways to help your baby become a confident eater…come along to the Starting Solids, Weaning Workshop jam packed full of information.

Friendly and informal, with babies very welcome, you will leave feeling confident and ready to go.

Birth Trauma Support

You birthed your baby and it was fine. Or maybe things didn’t go the way you hoped and now you are feeling let down and disappointed?

Maybe you’d even describe your birth as really difficult or traumatic and thinking about it brings up big emotions. 

I am here as a safe space for you to open up to and talk. It’s nice to be heard and I am here to be here for you. Drawing on my experience as a therapist and hypnotherapist, we can work through your feelings, use some relaxation techniques to help you work through what you are feeling

EFT Session Birth Trauma

A 1-1 online EFT session with me, focusing on our agreed topic.

This might be building confidence for your upcoming birth, letting go of old stories that are holding you back or finding a way to release any stress and anxiety you are feeling as you prepare for your. Learn EFT techniques you can take with you to use discretely during your birth and beyond to help you process and manage what you’re feeling in a positive way.

What It’s Like to Work with me….

You are amazing at what you do!! Honestly, made such an impact in our birth


You helped me so much Steph last year, you were incredible and made my journey easier to cope with. Thank you xxx


 I feel hypnobirthing helped me so much to remain calm and collected and because of this I was still able to have the calm positive birth experience I wanted without the drama and stress Thank you again Steph! I really do feel that your course made the world of difference as it allowed me the confidence to ask for what I wanted and made me aware of my rights and how capable my body actually was !!! 💓😁😁


We were able to stay at home for a long time too whilst I was doing my breathing exercises whilst bouncing on the ball and using the tens machine, so we were 5-6cm when we got to the hospital. Anyway just wanted to let you know, and to say thank you for everything, we really loved the classes. I’ve just sent the link for your April classes to a friend who is due in June and I’d recommend you any time


One more thing…

Zoe Hypnobirthing Birth Story Yorkshire