Suddenly started to feel worried or anxious about your birth? Maybe this isn’t your first baby and you want this birth to be different this time around?  

Perhaps you are hearing conflicting bits of advice from family and friends and you release that that beyond watching a few One Born Every Minutes you don’t actually know that much about what having a baby looks like.

Especially during a global pandemic where everything is heightened and feels a little scarier that normal.

You want facts and reliable information. You want someone you can trust to explain things in way you can understand in a non-scary way. You want some who knows their sweep from their elbow and can help you decide what’s right for you. Who can make you feel prepared and excited to meet your beautiful baby, rather than worried and confused?


Hi, I’m Steph! Why me?

Because this is my thing! My passion, my focus. I want you to feel ready and prepared. I want you to look past the expectations that family, friends, health care professionals and even society put on you and really focus on what you want. I want you to feel like a person and not a number.

We are so used to looking after everyone else, spinning those different plates, houses, jobs, family, friends, cars, pets…..and now it’s time to switch off from that and focus on you for a change. Giving birth is one of the most primal things you can do, and I want to remind you how to put yourself first and listen to what your body is telling you

My background is people and emotions. From beginnings, working with those in recovery from drugs and alcohol exploring the impact of these, to training as a hypnotherapist and specialising in birth work full time. Because I knew there was a better way to have babies and I was bored of being sold a lie. I was bored of the same tired narrative that women’s bodies are not good enough and you MUST endure this horrible event to bring life into the world so we can continue as a species. And well its awful and painful and you just need to suck it up and get on with it. There is so much more that this if you can get a little curious and start to explore everything you thought you knew.

I want to take you through the practical side of having a baby and strip it back to it’s fundamentals. Birth is nuanced and creating space for you to explore what works best for you is my speciality. There is no right or wrong way to birth a baby, only the perfect experience for you.


What do we cover?

In this extensive workshop we cover everything from the psychology of birth, what to expect, hormones in your body and what they are doing, ways to boost your oxytocin, relaxation techniques, creating your perfect birthing environment, the role of the birth partner, ways to advocate for your birth, your birthing rights, mindset and why this is so important, to the 4 trimester and planning for those first weeks as a family. Everything to help you feel prepared and look forward to your birth and the time around it.

This extends beyond the realms of just ‘natural’ birth too. Hypnobirthing is just as fantastic for abdominal births (or c-sections) as it is for vaginal ones. The tools need to navigate these experiences in a positive way remain the same.

This course incorporates relaxation and EFT techniques to help release any fears you are holding around your birth, teaching you how to use these independently so you can utilise these beyond the course. The 1-1 workshops allow us to explore your individual circumstances and prepare you in the best way possible. You will leave feeling calm and focused, ready to navigate your birth



How is the course structured?

Due to current Covid 19 regulations and my insurance purposes this workshop is conducted online via zoom or skype. We usually run over 3 sessions of about 2 ½ hours, with lots of breaks when you need them and in a relaxed way so you can ask questions as we go. The sessions run over 2 consecutive weeks, but again as this is 1-1 we can be flexible to your diary needs, perfect if you have other children around or perhaps you work opposite shift patterns. I am able to offer a mixture of daytime, evening and limited weekend slots, all this info is available on my booking link. I have limited my available slightly due to covid-19, please get in touch if you are finding a suitable time slot tricky and I can help you arrange something directly.

You’ll leave feeling amazing

Because you’ll know what to expect. Because you’ll feel empowered and not just a passenger along for the ride. Because you’ll know what to do to support yourself during your birth, rather than feeling lost and unsure.

You’ll leave the process feeling quietly calm and confident in your knowledge. You will know where to go for reliable further resources and how to neutralise unhelpful input form friends. You will have skills and knowledge to help support you through your birth and beyond.

You’ll feel secure in what you want and reassured knowing that other people feel this way too. You are not a huge stick in the mud for setting those positive boundaries around your birth and actually it makes you pretty incredible for putting your wellbeing first. There story is not your story, let’s build yours.


What’s the investment?

The investment for this course is £360 (£366 if you chose a payment plan.) Cards on the table, I understand that this can feel a little stretchy. And put you back into the territory of ‘this would have been lovely but, we’ll be fine.’ I can’t impress enough just how big the impact is, especially when we are talking about a 1-1 course. Yes, there are lots of wonderful books and resources, which I both recommend and encourage people to utilise. These absolutely help people build positive births. However, there is nothing like the motivation of investing in yourself and your birth financially in this way to really push you to step up and incorporate all the skills and techniques into your everyday life. When people commit to a course, they show up, they are curious, they ask questions, they clarify, they personalise all the information to themselves. I have payments plans available too, so please know that you can spread the payments if this helps you out. Finally, consider where else you are spending your money. The other baby gadgets and gismos that you might use for a limited time and feel comfortable purchasing. Hypnobirthing is a long term investment for your wellbeing, for this birth and subsequent births. An amazing way to protect you mental health.

Some FAQs

My birth partner isn’t into it, what do I do?

This is really normal! Most men have not considered more than the practical nature of exiting a baby from a body and don’t live in our world. This isn’t something they have necessarily been exposed to or talked about with their friends in the same way that you have. Probably 80% of the couples I work with start off with a birth partner that is a little sceptical or blasé. Honestly after the first session, they are always super into it, so I would always suggest including them if you can. They usually play it pretty cool, but actually excited to understand the whole process and be told what they should be doing…it gives them purpose.

Having said that you are very welcome to attend as a single. Whether working patterns make it difficult to attend together or you are enjoying a solo experience into motherhood you are very welcome! It can feel a little weird sometimes coming by yourself, especially when people expect two, but I implore you….if you are doing this independent the more you can arm yourself with the better. You will be your own best friend if you are looking after your mental health from this early stage (for the birth and postnatal experience), supporting your transition into parenthood.

So totally not a big deal.

How pregnant should I be?

If you are 20+ this workshop is for you. You are pregnant enough that it feels real and there is some urgency, but not so pregnant you still have time to collect your thoughts and let the info settle. In fact, this course is perfect for Mamas that are a little further on, because it is a one off session and an amazing highlights reel of all the essentials you need to know. I have worked with women from early on in their pregnancy, especially if feelings of anxiety where high and have also started working with a lady who was 38 weeks pregnant who had an amazing birth. There is no boat, you haven’t missed it!!

I know that I’ll be having a Caesarean Section, is there any point doing an antenatal course?

Absolutely!! However, your birth will look Hypnobirthing will help you. Having a c-section involves a lot of unknown and potentially scary stuff if you don’t know what to expect so let’s demystify that together. The relaxations are also fab to help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the entire process.

What about the hypnosis part? Is that a bit weird?

Nope, not at all. Despite the media’s best intention to convince everyone hypnosis involves some sort of mind control; it is very safe. Change the word hypnosis and how does that feel? Hypnosis is a focused state that is used to help you achieve focused relaxation.  Image your conscious mind is like an iceberg, your unconscious is the huge bit under the water, a very real part directing all your automatic processes (such as breathing) as well as processing and sorting all the information from your senses, thoughts and ideas. Your conscious mind is the bit on the surface that you can see, the conscious thoughts and observations you make. It is a talking therapy that, while you are in that state of relaxation uses subtle techniques to help you process any fears or worries about birth and press a big fat reset on any unhelpful thoughts or information you have picked up from TV, friends, society about how your birth ‘should’ be.

Is it a bit hippy though?

Erm no? All my hypnobirthing workshops and antenatal sessions are based on science and practical informational. Even the mindset stuff is based on our individual bias and psychological principles of people. And sometimes a sprinkle of woo woo helps too, but the process is based on science.


This course is for you if…

You want to feel prepared for your birth and included in decisions

You are ready to expect more from the experience

You’re really ready to get into the specifics of your birth

Perhaps groups aren’t your thing. You’d love you would love a personal approach and to really get into what you’re feeling.

There are things you would like to work on that lends itself to a more private setting


Any Bonuses?

You will receive a Blossom Mama information pack, goody bag and affirmation cards for you to use as you continue your journey

You will also have your own copy of a Hypnobirthing book to solidify everything we have talked about.

Continued text or email support up to your birth

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