It was a proper joy to work with Beckah…having a VBAC was massively important to her and she is so passionate about birthing and empowering women and breastfeeding it was hard not to go off on a massive tangent and start putting the world to rights. She put the work in, was really focused and tuned in to what she needed and got her positive birth. So proud.

S x


On Sunday at 12:04pm I got my vbac!!

We laboured at home for hours and hours with a back to back baby who heart rate ended up going up and staying up so we got transferred to Pinderfields.

I was lucky enough to get an amazing midwife on the labour ward who fought for us and really paid attention to my birth plan.

She assured the consultants who were in the room when I lost my shit shouting how my scar was going to rupture, it didn’t even hurt me, that I was transitional and to let me carry on. Apparently they gave me 4 hours and in 3 hrs I ended up giving birth to a 9lb 4oz baby boy.

We just want to say a big thank you because I had confidence to ignore the consultants who wanted to induce me at 42 weeks and have faith my body knew what it wanted to do and you were a massive part in that!