Suddenly started to feel worried or anxious about your birth? Maybe this isn’t your first baby and you feel time has just disappeared this time round. And you suddenly feel really unprepared to give birth to a baby.

Perhaps you are hearing conflicting bits of advice from family and friends, perhaps you suddenly feel that beyond watching a few One Born Every Minute you don’t actually know that much about what having a baby looks like.

Especially during a global pandemic where everything is heightened and feels a little scarier that normal.

You want facts and reliable information. You want someone you can trust to explain things so you can understand in a non-scary way. You want some who knows their sweep from their elbow and can help you decide what’s right for you.

Why me?

Because this is my thing! My passion, my focus. I want you to feel ready and prepared. I want you to look past the expectations that family, friends, health care professionals and even society put on you and really focus on what you want. I want you to feel like a person and not a number.

We are so used to looking after everyone else, spinning those different plates, houses, jobs, family, friends, cars, pets…..and now it’s time to switch off from that and focus on you for a change. Giving birth is one of the most primal things you can do, and I want to remind you how to put yourself first and listen to what your body is telling you

My background is people and emotions. From beginnings working with those in recovery from drugs and alcohol exploring the impact of these, to training as a hypnotherapist and specialising in birth work full time. Because I knew there was a better way to have babies and I was bored of being sold a lie. I was bored of the same tired narrative that women’s bodies are not good enough and you MUST endure this horrible event to bring life into the world so we can continue as a species. And well its awful and painful and you just need to suck it up and get on with it. There is so much more that this if you can open your mind and explore everything you thought you knew.

I want to take you through the practical side of having a baby and strip it back to it’s fundamentals. Birth is nuanced and creating space for you to explore what works best for you is my speciality. There is no right or wrong way to birth a baby, only the perfect experience for you.


Steph knowles hypnobirthing

What do we cover?

And to do this you need to know your stuff! In this standalone session we think about the about the language you are using and how helpful this is, your birthing options, understanding physiologically what is happening in your body during the process, learn practical techniques to support you during your birth, explore the importance of your birth environment and how to make it your own, Covid-19 and impacts of this and your rights as a birthing couple.


How is the course structured?

This is an online workshop so you can join from the comfort your own home. The session will run via zoom so will be a relaxed, interactive session for you to enjoy and ask questions as we go.

You’ll leave feeling amazing

Because you’ll know what to expect. Because you’ll feel empowered and not just a passenger along for the ride. Because you’ll know what to do to support yourself during your birth, rather than feeling lost and unsure.

You’ll leave the workshop feeling quietly calm and confident in your knowledge. You will know where to go for reliable further resources and how to neutralise unhelpful input from friends. You will have skills and knowledge to help support you through your birth and beyond.

What’s the investment?

The investment for this course is £175. Cards on the table, I understand that this can feel a little stretchy. And put you back into the territory of ‘this would have been lovely but, we’ll be fine.’ I can’t impress enough just how big the impact is, on how you feel about your upcoming birth. Yes, there are lots of wonderful books and resources, which I both recommend and encourage people to utilise. These absolutely help people build positive births. However, there is nothing like the motivation of investing in yourself and your birth financially in this way to really push you to step up and incorporate all the skills and techniques into your everyday life. When people commit to a workshop, they show up, they are curious, they ask questions, they clarify, they personalise all the information to themselves. This birth knowledge is a long term investment for your wellbeing, for this birth and subsequent births. An amazing way to protect you mental health.


Some FAQs

My birth partner isn’t into it, what do I do?

This is really normal! If your birth partner is male, most men have not considered the practical nature of exiting a baby from a body and don’t live in our world. This isn’t something they have necessarily been exposed to or talked about with their friends in the same way that you have. Probably 80% of the couples I work with start off with a birth partner that is a little sceptical or blasé. Honestly, they get into it really quickly, so I would always suggest including them if you can. They usually play it pretty cool, but actually excited to understand the whole process and be told what they should be doing…it gives them purpose.

Whoever you choose to be with you as you birth your baby, it is vital that you are on they same page. Being in the birth room with you is a privilege and they are essentially agreeing to your advocate and support when you are in your vulnerable birthing state. I would always encourage including them in your preparation so that you are a team and they understand your needs, as well as the medical system.

Having said that you are very welcome to attend as a single. Whether working patterns make it difficult to attend together or you are enjoying a solo experience into motherhood you are very welcome! It can feel a little weird sometimes coming by yourself, especially when people expect two, but I implore you….if you are doing this independently the more information you can arm yourself with the better. You will be your own best friend if you are looking after your mental health from this early stage (for the birth and postnatal experience), supporting your transition into parenthood.

So totally not a big deal.

How pregnant should I be?

This workshop can be done at any stage, whether you are in the early stages of pregnancy and curious or are heading into the final weeks. It is never too late. I once worked with a lady who was 38 weeks pregnant and suddenly felt super anxious. We were able to fit in all her sessions and she had an amazing experience because her head was totally in the game.

I know that I’ll be having a Caesarean Section, is there any point doing an antenatal course?

Absolutely!! However, your birth will look antenatal sessions will help you. Having a c-section involves a lot of unknown and potentially scary stuff if you don’t know what to expect so let’s demystify that together. The relaxations are also fab to help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the entire process.

Is it a bit hippy though?

Erm no? All my workshops and antenatal sessions are based on science and practical informational. Even the mindset stuff is bases on our bias and psychological principles of people. And sometimes a sprinkle of woo woo helps too, but the process is based on principles

This course is for you if…

You want to feel prepared for your birth and included in decisions

You are ready to expect more from the experience

You would love to understand more and have some reliable information about how to have a baby.

Got a question? Message me below and ask away

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