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Starting to feel a little nervous about giving birth and actually getting a baby out of your body?
😕 Feeling like you have no control which scares you?
😕 Frightened by the tales of pain and horror you’ve heard?
😕 Have absolutely no idea what to expect? Or perhaps you’ve given birth before and want things to be different this time

Maybe you’ve heard the rumours about the woman out there who actually enjoyed her birth and had an amazing experience? You’d love this to be you, but not quite sure how….

Let me guide you through the good, the bad and the ugly. Think about it…. Birth is a big deal (who knew?!) and turning up at the hospital on your due date ready to wing it is like deciding to run the London Marathon on the morning of the race and arriving at the start line to give it a go, hoping for the best!

The group sessions are made up of 3 sessions lasting 3 hours each.

Hypnobirthing Workshop | 1-1 Session £330

You love the sound of hypnobirthing and you would live a little more of a personal touch

🤰 Perhaps you have other children that make getting to a group session difficult

🤰 Maybe you have specific fears that you’d like to work through together

The 1-1 sessions are perfect for you. We follow a similar structure to the group sessions but go at your pace. We can really focus on any worries or anxieties you have and resolve these together. We will look at the power of the mind and how this helps you during your birth, building a positive mindset when it comes to thinking about your birth, fear release exercises, how to deal with all the negativity from others, what relaxation is, how you use it, breathing techniques, the importance of language, choices and legal rights in birth, what giving birth is actually like, how your birth partner can support you, what active birth is, physiology of what’s happening in your body, practical things you can do to support the process and lots and lots of coping strategies.

The 1-1 sessions are made up of 3 sessions lasting 3 hours each.

The Birth Essentials Workshop £150

Suddenly started to feel unprepared, worried or anxious about your birth? Maybe this isn’t your first baby and you feel time has just disappeared this time round. You’re 38 weeks, realising your birth is just around the corner and don’t feel ready at all.

Now picture this…3 hours of 1-1 time for you (and your birth partner too) to sit down with me, talk about your birthing options, understand physiologically what is happening in your body during the process, think about the language you are using and how helpful this is, learn techniques to support you during your birth and enjoy some lovely relaxation to help you fully prepare and let go of any last fears you have. This session is designed to boost your confidence and leave you feeling completely ready to embrace your birth.

Refresher Course £90

Hypobirthed before, but feel like you’re a little rusty? Whether you have completed a course with me or another trainer, a refresher session is a lovely way to remind you of the principles, enjoy some lovely guided relaxation and fill any gaps in knowledge you feel you have. This is a one off session to point you in the right direction and a great option for parents who have completed and course and used the techniques in a previous pregnancy.

Family and Friends Sessions

Sometimes pregnancies are like buses and all turn up together! Do you have a group of friends or family also expecting? If you have your own ready made group of friends looking for hypnobirthing classes we can chat about arranging a group session to suit your needs!

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