If you’re starting to think about the practicalities of growing a baby (and pushing it out!), hypnobirthing is a brilliant way to release any fears you have and learn practical things you can use to help you embrace your birth experience rather than dread it.

If You Are…

  • Starting to feel nervous about giving birth
  • Feeling like you have no control
  • Tired of hearing birth horror stories from friends and family, which are only making you feel worse about your own

I can teach you…

  • To feel confident about your body and what it can do
  • To use different techniques to help you manage pain
  • To feel in control during your birth and make the best choices for you
  • To feel calm throughout your delivery, working with your body not against it

[PS and we talk about ALL your options (including epidurals and C-sections!)]

Spoiler Alert – There is no one right answer regarding when to start….

I generally recommend that ladies that want to attend either Group Hypnobirthing Sessions or 1-1 Support that they start this at around 24 weeks. This is the balance point where you are in the second half of your pregnancy, so things are perhaps staring to feel a little more real, birth planning is becoming a reality AND you still have lots of time to learn and practice the techniques without feeling pressure or rushed.


I have also worked with women as close to 4 weeks before they gave birth, where when booking in the next session we were unsure if it would take place because she was that close to giving birth. And she still found the sessions useful and reported that her anxiety before labour reduced and she felt more relaxed and in control during her birth experience.

I have also worked with women that from the day they found out they were pregnant they found it useful to listen to hypnobirthing audios and practice their self-hypnosis and relaxation.

It really depends on the women. Some are planners and prefer to do things early, some are last minute crammers and feel like the info is more ‘fresh’ this way. Whatever works for you. I find that you never know if/when your fears might kick in and lots find hypnobirthing really useful in managing these and letting them go. One women came to me for support a few weeks before her birth because in her words she had suddenly felt her anxiety drop on her like a ton of bricks and wanted to shift this fast. Hypnobirthing helped her regain her perspective and have a lovely birth. Some women have this experience much early on and the sessions give them tools to use and something positive to focus on.

Remember to keep in mind that group sessions are run once a week for 5 weeks so you need to allow for this. 1-1s can potentially be as flexible as your diary allows. And finally, more time does give you more space to get your head round the techniques but I don’t ever put a cut off point in, anything is useful.

To conclude; how long is a piece of string? You know when the time is right for you, so never feel scared to call and chat about starting….whatever week you are on.

Steph x