This is a biggy for me and something I have to do a lot of personal mindset work around.

Because as I sit in the circle, surrounded by the eager faces ready to start their workshop…my biggest fear is that I disappoint you.

Not in the way I deliver the course, or information I include or whether you feel that you got everything you needed out of it, because after running my workshops for the last few years I am pretty confident that it will completely meet your needs and blow your birth plan wide open.

I am fearful that you will be disappointed by your birth. As you sit there with excited anticipation, I make a silent request to the universe…please give them the birth they want.

It makes me feel humble. Not worthy almost to be sat before you ready to explore all things birth related. I firmly believe that birth is something to be respected. And as with most things in life you can put the time, preparation and work and in…and there is still a little something sent to challenge you. To use a sporting metaphor; Even with all of your marathon training, the nutrition, the right gear, there still might be that unexpected pothole round the corner of mile 18 that makes you falter slightly.

And I have no magic wand to wave, can offer no guarantees, even though I wish I could. There are many variables that come together to impact the experience. We need to respect the process and the plan that your baby has. And that makes me wonder…should the runner sack off all training for the London Marathon because of the small possibility of that pothole? Or does she move forward with purpose and power, concentrating on the things she can control instead?

And this is why I continue to believe so strongly in the antenatal work I do. Why it is so important to me. I want to be here to remind you that as mighty as birth feels, you are more powerful that you know. To give you confidence in your body. So that when others doubt its power, you know that this is not true. I want you to feel included in the decisions and like you had choices, that you weren’t just pushed down a path that others assumed was best for you. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do, regardless of how things are presented to you. I want you to know what to expect and be excited rather than fearful. I want you to have the support you need whether that’s before, during or after your baby is here. Because as crazy as that feels right now, it’s only half the ride!

And spending this time is so worthwhile. As women we are so used to just getting on with things and making the best of what we have. We slot time in for ourselves amongst other commitments and all the other plates we juggle. So it makes me glow when I look round and see the lovely faces of the women taking time out to prepare for their birth with me. Because spending this time, knowing you have a choice and how to utilise that, has a massive impact on your birth regardless of what the final picture looks like

And I hope that you aren’t disappointed.