I’d just like to share my wonderful home birth with you. And take the time to say thank you to you so much for helping myself, Nathan (Husband) and Harvey (Big Brother) with our hypnobirthing, we feel this was a huge part in our birthing experience and it really made it what it was. All your knowledge and advice, it really was such a great and inspiring lesson to be part of and I feel it helped us to learn so much about my body and birthing experience.

We are so grateful we had you help us on our journey.

Natalie x


My beautiful birth

My surges started early morning, around 4.00/5.00am, very spaced apart around 40-30 mins. By around 9.30am they were getting closer together, every 15 mins and completely bearable. We went out walking me, Nathan, Harvey and the dog daisy, for a good hour while taking time to rest when needed.

Nathan took Harvey out to his football class and I just pottered about doing some housework and cooking, listening to relaxing music, while reading my positivity cards. When they got back, Harvey wanted to help baby come along so suggested we do some singing and dancing, it was so much fun we were all laughing and enjoying it, things really started to get going from this point and I was having surges every 5 mins.

I called the midwifes to let them know how things were progressing and spoke to a lovely lady who would come out to us. I said I’d go for a bath and call her back when I needed extra support as she was only around 15 mins drive from us.

The bath was amazing and relaxing for the surges. Harvey decided to join me with all his toys (haha!) and he was really gentle playing and so good reminding me to breath and enjoy it, while helping me with pouring the water on my tummy and back. We got out of bath and I called the midwife to say I’d like her to come shortly I was ready for some support now.

I put Harvey to bed while Nathan was downstairs doing the birthing pool. We were reading bedtime stories and pausing when I needed to. He was so at ease with it all and so encouraging, everything you had helped us to speak with him about and showing him all videos had prepared him. It worked so well, he really just flowed with the whole process so gently and beautifully, even as it was getting more intense he remained so relaxed, it honestly keep me so relaxed too. He breastfeeds to sleep so we did that like usual (feeling emotional knowing it’s the last time just us two for bedtime).

The midwife arrived at 7.30pm just at the right time, Harvey had fallen to sleep and surges were now 2-3mins apart. She did checks on baby’s heartbeat with the Doppler, all fine, and checked my tummy. Got into the pool at 8.30pm, started gas and air, which coupled with being in the pool felt amazing. I was able to call my parents on video chat while I was relaxed in the pool so that was a big comfort for me as we are so close as a family (as you may remember me saying they live away so couldn’t be here for the birth). I think I was in rest and be thankful stage, I felt so strong and amazing, so empowered and ready to birth my baby.

The pressure was getting more intense then but it felt like a really good thing, everything was feeling right and the way it should be. My waters went naturally in the pool and then baby was just working her way out through me breathing her down and using my hypnobirthing techniques. Nathan was so so wonderful to me so encouraging and supportive. He said everything I needed to hear, he must have been practicing as he was saying a lot of positive words from the scripts you had given us. The midwifes were fantastic too, so supportive with their words, and encouraging. They respected our wishes using the words we liked and they did take a step back and let me do everything myself like I had asked for to. I was happy for them to check baby’s heart throughout it didn’t interrupt me at all I was in the zone.

Her head came and then with the next surge she was out and I caught her. It was beautiful! We relaxed and took it all in, Harvey woke up 15 mins after she was born so came down to meet his baby sister. He was so so happy. He went back to bed after 10 mins as he was tired bless him.

We waited for the cord to go white, before Nathan cut it, then I felt like I wanted to come out of the pool as I felt like I couldn’t move very well. So I got out and naturally birthed my placenta on the sofa edge, everything was absolutely perfect down there, no tearing or grazing. She was attached perfectly to breast after being born so I think this helped with the placenta delivery being quite quick. We just relaxed and chatted while midwifes did paperwork etc. I wanted to shower so one of midwifes came with me, as I did feel a little lightheaded after sitting for a while feeding her. That was really nice as she helped me shower and dress. They ended up leaving around 12ish and we went to bed not long after.

It was an absolutely beautiful empowering birth and I keep replaying the whole experience.

We’re so happy and in love. So incredibly proud of Harvey, how he was through the whole experience I honestly feel he got me through the stages so well and kept me calm and level showing me so much love, gentleness, affection.

He’s so in love with his baby sister.

Our hearts are so full and I wanted to share our positive birth with you and thank you again so much for all your help, you really were a massive part in helping to make our birth perfect in every way. It was a dream come true so thank you.