**Trigger Warning – Positive Premature Birth Story, E doing really well **

Sinéad’s birth story is a fantastic reminder that hypnobirthing is for all births, not just the low risk, straight forward, plain sailing type pregnancies. In fact hypnobirthing may be even more vital for you if your circumstances are a little more special.

We had always discussed abdominal birth as a possibility for Sinéad, She spent her time focusing on her vaginal birth, but knowing how she would do her Cesarean if that’s the way she chose to go. Reading that her little girl was doing well and her birth was an amazing experience makes my heart sing. That’s exactly how you should feel during your birth. They all did amazing!

S x



Hi Steph,

I hope you are well…just a message to inform you on the 6 week early birth of my little girl on Wednesday by Cesarean, as the blood flow from the cord had dropped to a life threatening low…Although I didn’t quite have the “ideal birth” I imagined…everything we learnt with you and everything positive you gave to me, Holly and my Mum helped us in ways we never realised. Non of us panicked, we remained laughing and smiling and it’s been the most amazing experience, and if we hadn’t have had your positive input I believe it could have been quite traumatic…me and baby E are both doing amazing. She is a little trooper and has no breathing aid now…I just wanted to inform you and tell you how amazing your course has been for me and how adaptable to any situation like you said…

Thank you so much xxxx