Sooooo this gets my goat a little. Actually, in a big way. These kinds of articles pop up on my social media fairly frequently in numerous disguises. The gist is, some media outlet sensationalising how horrible birth is with lots of gruesome/cartoony/childish pictures to match. Which then gets lots of comments, reactions and shares and said article gets all over Facebook.

The comments are also hazardous reading with a mix of opinions ranging from

‘women need to know this stuff and be real….birth is messy and awful, I’ve never been the same again!!!!!’

to the women who challenge this

I enjoyed my birth because of…(insert positive comment to be shot down here)’

and are promptly informed they were just ‘lucky’ (Another pet peeve, but we’ll come back to that another day).

It’s such a frustrating experience I’ve started to avoid reading them because it only makes me sad, especially expecting a baby myself at the moment, I don’t need that negativity.

As a hypnobirther I spends lots of my time working with couples encouraging them to expect more from their birth experience. These articles continue to feed into the stereotypes that birth should be feared, painful, long and something to endure, where hopefully you’ll get a lovely baby at the end of it and that’s all that matters; the exact opposite of my experiences working with couples during our sessions. The experience is important too.

With the push for women to birth in hospitals we have inevitably become overly medicalised and jaded about the process. The impact of the cascade of interventions as we start forcing the process is all around us in the stories from other women. Stories that should be respected because they come from loved ones around us who made the best decisions they could with the information they were given at the time.

To the mothers of the future your story is yours and can be written the way you choose. Choose scientific knowledge and evidence to balance your decisions, rather than but that’s how it’s always done and know that it is ok to be different. We will look back at this time and be astonished that it took us so long to return to the roots of birthing and that we gave it a special name. I had a natural birth…a hypnobirth.

It will simply be birthing.

So beware of your news sources and the scaremongering behind it. Papers need to be sold, articles need to be read and there’s nothing better than a bit of fear to stir things up.

If you would like to talk to me about positive ways you can prepare for your birth, please drop me a message, call, email whatever floats your boat and we can start your journey to a better informed, relaxed birth experience.