This is question I get asked a lot! Such a big one to answer because although I could cheat and just attach a printed list of the syllabus for you to decipher, there are far more valuable, more important things that couples gain from the experience that definitely aren’t in the lesson plan.

In a Nutshell….

The programme is a jam packed antenatal course, full of fabulous (and useful!) information so that:

  1. Physically, you have a clear understanding in terms of what your body is going through and learn how to work with the hormones (and various other processes) rather than against them.
  2. Psychologically, we address your mindset and cover ways to enhance this to support your birth and recovery. Compare it to the job of the sports psychologist who works with Mo Farrah to prepare him to win Olympic Gold medals…it’s the same thing! Brain training to set your focus firmly on successful birthing.
  3. Practically, lots of information about what to expect during your birth, signs, signals to watch out for, how to choose where to deliver your baby, pain relief options, what to have with you…..and all the other practical things it helps to know when birthing a baby!
  4. Relaxation, to remind your body just how wonderful this feels so you are able to recreate this during your pregnancy and birth
  5. Finally, we cover fear release, a technique used to help you let go of any worries or anxieties you may be holding on to around your birth. By releasing these fears, you can be completely open to embracing your birth.

By combining these areas, you get a wonderfully rounded preparation for your birth. I want you to leave the sessions feeling empowered to make the right choices for YOU and your FAMILY, excited to start your birth experience and meet your baby for the first time. There is no perfect birth, there is only the right birth for you and I am here to provide you with all the information so you can be as fully informed as possible and feel prepared.

Sessions are relaxed and informal. Stop me. Ask questions. Get involved. This is all about you. (Trust me, enjoy it while it lasts!) The group course is run across 3 sessions, each lasting around 3 hours. Numbers in the session are kept small so you should expect to meet no more than 6 other couples who will also be at various stages of their pregnancy.

If you would like to talk more about the sessions, please drop me a message, email me and I can answer any questions you have.