Work With Me

A full run down of all the workshops I offer and the different ways I can support you before the birth of your baby and beyond.

Birthing Workshops

Group Hypnobirthing Workshop

Pregnant? Terrified? Completely baffled by all the different bits of information out there? Perhaps you’ve heard rumours about the mythical women who actually enjoyed their births but unsure how this is even possible?

Feel like you would prefer a little more of the personal touch? How about the full hypnobirthing course delivered directly from the comfort of your own home? Everything you need to plan your positive birth

Suddenly started to feel worried or anxious about your birth? Maybe this isn’t your first baby and you feel time has just disappeared this time round. Check out this essentials course, designed to cover everything you need to know in one condensed session

Birth Strategy Session

Your pregnancy has felt pretty straight forward up till this point. Now you’re feeling a little unsure or perhaps you’re hearing lots of ‘you won’t be allowed to do that’ and feeling a little unsteady. You want to speak to someone impartial, who is ready to listen and help you uncover what you really want. This session is designed to unpick how you’re feeling and build a positive birth plan you feel amazing about. This might be about specific question (ie induction) or a general wobble.

Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

Hypobirthed before, but feel like you’re a little rusty? Whether you have completed a course with me or another trainer, a refresher session is a lovely way to remind you of the principles, enjoy some lovely guided relaxation and fill any gaps in knowledge you feel you have. This is a one off session to point you in the right direction and a great option for parents who have completed and course and used the techniques in a previous pregnancy

Self Paced Workshops

Induction Workshop

You’re healthy and pregnancy has been a pretty straight forward process so far. Now you’re hearing the word induction and you don’t really understand why or what it means. What are your options, do you even have options? Access this workshop in your own time for a full rundown of what you need to knwo to help you make an informed decison for you

Post Natal Support

Baby Weaning Workshop

Is your baby 3-6 months old? Are you starting to think about weaning? Feeling totally clueless and unsure where to start? 

Friendly and informal, with babies very welcome, you will leave feeling confident and ready to go.

Birth Trauma Support

I am here as a safe space for you to open up to and talk. It’s nice to be heard and I am here to be here for you. Drawing on my experience as a therapist and hypnotherapist, we can work through your feelings, use some relaxation techniques to help you work through what you are feeling

EFT Session Birth Trauma

A 1-1 online EFT session with me, focusing on our agreed topic. Whatever this is. Learn EFT techniques you can take with you to use discretely during your birth and beyond to help you process and manage what you’re feeling in a positive way.

Feeling More Confused Than Ever?

Hypnobirthing Refresher Course

Then a complimentary discovery call is an amazing place to start. Looking for some kickass birth support?

Or maybe you have stuff that you are ready to unload from a previous birth.

Book a call in with me and we can chat about what you are looking for and how I can help you! Totally obligation free, this call is an opportunity to see if we gel and whether you would like to proceed with booking some support