I met Zoe early on in her pregnancy feeling worried and anxious about her birth. When we started the course at 34 weeks, she was so committed to doing everything she could to get rid of those feelings, it was amazing. Few people are able to be so honest with themselves about all their birth anxieties and face them head on with this confidence. I really admired her courage (and her variety of session snacks to keep us going. Thanks Zoe!)

S x


So here is my birth story with the use of hypnobirthing…… I started hypnobirthing with Steph at 34 weeks in preparation for what I hoped was going to be an all natural home water birth for my first baby, I found the sessions fantastic as we went for the one to one option and she came to the house, after the 3 sessions i was eager for the birth and felt like I was 100%capable of birthing my little.l boy with no fear only strength.

I was 41+4 when on Saturday morning after having a Friday filled with acupressure, cleaning, indulgent food and pineapple I awoke at 9am to my waters having broken….a nasty dark green colour, but I didn’t panic, I stayed calm and relaxed knowing what my options would be before they were presented to me and confident in the knowledge that I had all the power I called the midwife and she came around with a student and strongly advised me to go for monitoring as there was alot of meconium in the waters, they said a dangerous amount, it was a difficult decision with us been so set on a home birth but we decided to go in for monitoring to check on little chief.

At this point the contractions were coming strong and fast and I used my breathing and my husband used distraction and massage techniques to get me through the surges. The drive to the hospital was tough but I managed with the help of my breathing techniques and visualisations. Once we arrived and after 30 mins of monitoring the doctor came to see me and said that they would need to speed my delivery along or arrange a section, having been dead against an induction I reluctantly opted for the section but I need not have worried, I was very clear with them what we wanted for this birth before agreeing to anything. We were taken to theatre an hour later and my husband was there the whole time, we had music for the birth (the greatest showman soundtrack), skin to skin and delayed cord clamping and our beautiful big boy was born 4:03pm via section weighing a whopping 9lb! The staff were brilliant and to those people like me who are set on a certain type of birth plan for your first, please don’t worry if plans change as the outcome really is worth it 😍

I feel hypnobirthing helped me so much to remain calm and collected and because of this I was still able to have the calm positive birth experience I wanted without the drama and stress. Thank you again Steph! I really do feel that your course made the world of difference as it allowed me the confidence to ask for what I wanted and made me aware of my rights and how capable my body actually was !!!Β πŸ’“πŸ˜πŸ˜